Areas of activity

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Lawyer Denitsa Nikolova offers comprehensive services, comprising legal advices, defence and litigation representation of individual or legal entities, law service of bulgarian and foreign corporate clients.

She has specialized and has experience in the fields of the property, commercial and labour laws; administrative, civil and contractual laws; family and inheritance laws, litigation in civil, commercial and administrative cases, as well as international law. Drafts contracts and legal documents, also advices the client about legal and business transactions. Has a deep knowledge of the law and forensic procedures on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, of the principles and processes of providing quality services to individual and corporate customers, including actual assessment of the client’s needs and an evaluation of his satisfaction.

The fields, in which she practices, are:

Property Law

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Legal advices and business consultations for legal entities about real estates and business projects in Bulgaria. Preparation of legal analyzes of proposed acquisitions of real estates, implementation of legal assistance for the proper making of commercial transactions.

Drafting all required documents for doing real estate deals, establishment and deletion of mortgages, advices and practical decisions in the field of the Territory Zoning Act and rules for its enforcement, regulation, Detailed zoning plan, stages of executing a construction process, issuance of a building permit until an authorization for use is given, recommendations about preventing illegal construction and other procedures, etc.

Administrative Law and Procedures

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Legal defence for administrative and criminal proceedings, appeal of an order for approving a cadastral map and registers.

Civil and Contractual Law

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Drafting of contracts, regarding sale, exchange, donations, rent, loan, manufacturing, mandate contract, company contracts and agreements, contracts with general terms and conditions and etc.

Enforcement proceedings - legal protection and assistance in this case.

Family and Inheritance Law

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Prenups, legal protection and help with a divorce (in a civil action or by mutual settlement), claims for identifying and challenging the provenance, legal inheritance, partition of property (juridical and voluntary), and others.

Commercial Law

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Legal advices and consultations about starting a new business in the Republic of Bulgaria - the most appropriate type of trading company for every specific case.

Registration of companies, changes in them, liquidation, commercial transactions, legal defence, cooperation for insolvency proceedings, etc.

Labour Law

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Legal advises and drafting of documents, arranging the individual and joint labour relations. Protection against illegal dismissal, violation of the labour legislation.


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Legal representation before all courts in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the Arbitration court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.


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Full list with the minimum amounts of the lawyer’s fees can be downloaded from here.